Couples often attend therapy when they experience conflict in their relationship or when they feel distant and isolated from each other. A couple’s therapist will work towards reducing conflict, teaching communication skills, and developing a stronger bond between the couple. Couples may also visit a couple’s therapist to help develop some of the tools to a healthy and strong relationship prior to getting married.

Duration of treatment will vary depending on factors such as the nature of presenting concerns and goals of intervention. Most often, clients and therapists meet weekly. Even after finishing treatment, it is not uncommon for couples to return for occasional “booster” sessions.

What to expect from the initial sessions:

In terms of process, the therapist will strive to understand the nature of presenting concerns during the initial assessment phase of treatment. The assessment phase for couples often includes a session with the couple and a session with each member of the couple individually. The therapist will typically ask for:

  • Description of the problem and a relationship history
  • Information about personal background (for example, details about experiences growing up, education and work history, and past relationships)

Who provides couple therapy at QPS?

Couple therapy is provided by Dr. Jacob Kaiserman and Gaëlle Hortop.