E. Gaëlle Hortop provides psychotherapy to adults and couples with diverse socio-cultural identities (e.g. gender, sexual-orientation, ethnicity) experiencing difficulties related to depression and loss, anxiety, anger, trauma, sleep, interpersonal difficulties, sexual functioning, life transitions, and existential issues related to meaning and purpose.

Based on expressed needs and goals, she works collaboratively to develop a plan for therapy that integrates empirically-supported treatment approaches including mindfulness-based, emotion-focused, attachment-based, interpersonal, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural therapies. She believes that a successful experience in therapy includes a strong therapeutic relationship, psychoeducation, evidence-based treatments, and a collaborative effort.

She is currently in her final year of the clinical psychology doctoral program at the University of Ottawa. Her clinical training experience includes the Center for Interpersonal Relationships, Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic, the Royal Ottawa Hospital, the Ottawa General Hospital, The Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre, the Centre for Psychological Services and Research, Saint Mary’s Hospital (Montreal) and the Applied Psychology Centre (Montreal). Her doctoral research seeks to understand the role of mindfulness in protecting individuals from the negative effects of work-related stressors and controlling interpersonal relationships.

She maintains membership with the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), routinely attending psychology conferences and workshops and following current developments in relevant clinical and scientific literature.

At Queensview Professional Services, she is a therapist under the supervision of Dr. Jacob Kaiserman, C.Psych.