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Parent Support Group: Supporting Your Family’s Mental Health

Are you a parent to a child who struggles with intense emotions?

As a parent, are you overwhelmed by your own emotions, too?

Perhaps you have a child or teen experiencing their own mental health struggle, with issues such as anxiety or depression.

You may be coping with changes and stressors in your family, such as illness, a death or a separation/ divorce.

This group is here to guide you around learning therapeutic strategies that are grounded in neuroscience and backed by research that you can use with your child to help them with their emotions and behaviours.

There is more info available here: https://doucettetherapy.com/supporting-your-familys-mental-health/

Groups enrollment is open for January 2024. Please contact Joanne for further details.

The group will be delivered virtually, on Zoom.

Reach out to Joanne for more information, including a free 15 minute consultation to explore whether this could be a good fit for you.


Email: joanne@Doucettetherapy.com
Phone: (613) 867-7186