Empathetic and Diverse Clinical Psychology Practice


I’m a clinical psychologist dedicated to helping adults and seniors navigate life’s challenges. My background as an immigrant with roots in the former Soviet Union enriches my understanding of various lifestyles and mentalities, offering valuable insights to my patients.

Specialized Services for Personal Growth

My practice offers:

  • Psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological assessments for conditions like autism in adults, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and mood disorders.
  • Psychotherapy for anxiety, stress, grief, life changes, and interpersonal conflicts.
  • Support for high-functioning individuals seeking personal growth or an unbiased perspective.

Inclusive and Culturally Sensitive Approach

I am committed to inclusivity, welcoming clients from all backgrounds, including LGBTQ+ and various ethnic and linguistic groups. My experience as a minority helps me address issues relevant to diverse communities.

Integrative Therapy with a Personal Touch

My therapeutic approach is integrative, focusing on TEAM-CBT, but with a person-centered and existential perspective. I value empathy, feedback, and the careful use of tailored therapeutic methods.

Multilingual Services with a Global Perspective

Educated in cognitive psychology at McGill University, philology in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and holding a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa, I offer services in English, French, and Russian. Licensed in Ontario, I specialize in clinical psychology and neuropsychology.

Ready to Support Your Journey

If you’re seeking a supportive path towards mental wellness and self-discovery, I’m here to help. Let’s take this important step together.